We are passionate about maritime, energy, manufacturing & aerospace.

We have award winning expertise in communications, media & press relations.

We deliver content to the right audience, at the right time, for the right reasons.

We empower clients to better influence communities, business & government.

We work with companies that strive to make the world a cleaner, better, safer place.

Knights MPR are experts in B2B industry communications, PR and brand flaring that help to shape market perceptions with integrity and influence.

Knights Media & Public Relations [Knights MPR] is an industry award-winning global communications, PR and brand agency, headquartered in Cornwall, UK, representing leading and innovative companies operating in maritime, energy, shipping, manufacturing and aerospace.

The work we do is specialised and bespoke to business and organisations operating only in maritime, energy, shipping, manufacturing and aerospace.

Our agility in communications, industry PR, and brand flaring is winning the hearts and minds of major international clients with quality B2B campaigns across the full channel mix delivering strong results and ROI.

At Knights MPR we put integrity and influence at the heart of everything we do, using our deep industry and market sector knowledge of maritime PR, energy PR, shipping PR, manufacturing PR, and aerospace PR to deliver timely and accurate communications.

We’re passionate about everything to do with maritime, energy, shipping, manufacturing and aerospace – providing market-leading brand and PR expertise with cost-effective communication services and campaign solutions to companies working across industry supply chains. Knights MPR helps every client to shape their customer, consumer and government brand perceptions with integrity and influence.

We help business evolve through communications, media & PR

Discovering insight

We explore, discover and create initiatives that help you win the right to be heard.

Raising awareness

We help you to join new conversations to demonstrate brand expertise.

Influencing mindsets

We help you to own conversations that result in brand loyalty.

Realising value

We believe there is more to your brand than just transactions.

The perception of your company, your employees and the way you do business in maritime, energy, shipping, manufacturing and aerospace is always evolving. We help organisations improve what they do and how they communicate and engage with their customers, consumers, industry stakeholders and employees.

Knights MPR experts provide content creation, media engagement, public relations, brand flaring, digital and lead generation activity, through to employee advocacy and crisis response, that help you to demonstrate your brand’s expertise and DNA to your market.

It’s why for us, what we do is not just about creating awareness through communications, PR and branding, it’s about influencing a state of mind to achieve long-term commercial recognition and value.

Discover how our services and expertise in maritime PR, energy PR, shipping PR, manufacturing PR, and aerospace PR can make a real difference to your business.

We believe in delivering results that actively make a positive difference using communications, PR, and marketing insights to help your brand flare with integrity and influence.

Together, our integrated approach helps to create sustained outcomes that drive brand value, fuel business growth, and strengthen our environment and societies. Our results showcase what we have achieved.

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We recognise how powerful authentic content can be for engaging with local, regional and international media sources and industry audiences in maritime, energy, shipping, manufacturing and aerospace. Breakthrough content engages, influences and builds trust with your most important markets.