ABS Group partners with Knights MPR as their 2024 Marketing and Communications Agency

ABS Group, a leading international consultancy that helps companies to maximize their safety, asset performance, and reduce risk in a changing world, has partnered with the team at Knights MPR as its marketing and communications agency for a second year.


This collaboration marks a significant milestone in ABS Group’s commitment to enhance its brand presence and engage with a range of audiences across several industry sectors – from conventional energy and chemicals, through to Government, maritime, and power.

Knights MPR, renowned for its innovative approach and proven track record in crafting compelling marketing, brand flaring, and communication strategies, emerged as the ideal partner for ABS Group’s ambitious multi-sector marketing communication activities. With a shared vision for excellence and a deep understanding of the evolving market dynamics, Knights MPR will work closely with ABS Group to drive impactful campaigns and initiatives.

Commenting on the partnership, Jason Knights, Founder and Lead Director of Knights MPR, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, “As ABS Group embarks on its journey to strengthen its market position and expand its reach, selecting the right marketing and communications partner was paramount. Knights MPR’s expertise, creativity, and commitment to delivering results resonated with ABS’s objectives, making us a perfect choice to support their multi-sector marketing communications activity in 2024.”

Knights MPR is poised to leverage its extensive experience and innovative communication and media engagement strategies to elevate ABS Group’s brand identity, amplify its messaging, and foster meaningful connections with stakeholders across a range of sectors. By harnessing the power of strategic communication and cutting-edge marketing techniques, the partnership aims to propel ABS Group towards new heights of success and visibility in 2024 and beyond.

“Our team of experts at Knights MPR are committed to delivering tailored solutions that resonate with ABS Group’s target audience, drive engagement, and ultimately, achieve tangible results. Together, we look forward to charting new territories and making a lasting impact in the realm of multi-sector marketing communications” says Knights.

The partnership between ABS Group and Knights MPR represents a synergistic alliance built on shared values, creativity, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. With a strategic focus on innovation, collaboration, and client-centricity, both entities are poised to redefine standards and set new benchmarks in the dynamic landscape of marketing and communications.