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Take a moment to read a selection of testimonials from the international business and trade press on how they rate us. We’re proud of the trust we nurture among journalists – from the very latest editor contacts to the media relationships founded over many years – as we shape brand perceptions with integrity and influence.

“I have worked with Jason and Knights Media & Public Relations for the last three years (and I worked with him in a previous role of his, too). Jason pitches article ideas for World Pipelines magazine in an intelligent, informed manner. He routinely offers in-depth information about the areas of expertise covered by his clients, helpfully outlining potential written features and collaborations. He supports the editorial team at World Pipelines by crafting articles that are relevant and that reflect the industry accurately and fairly. Jason always provides realistic timeframes and meets deadlines, and he’s enjoyable to work with. He is friendly and demonstrates an ‘in-it-with-you’ attitude: I appreciate his supportive manner and drive to push a project through to completion.”

Elizabeth Corner, Senior Editor, World Pipelines

“I have had the pleasure of working with Jason for several years and have been impressed with his professionalism, persistence and ability to make the right connections for journalists. He has a keen understanding of the media landscape and is adept at securing coverage for his clients. In addition, Jason is a pleasure to work with and a model of courtesy. I’d gladly recommend him to any firm looking for a talented PR representative and media strategist.”

Paul Benecki, Staff Writer, The Maritime Executive

“It’s a pleasure working with Jason and his team at Knights Media & Public Relations. They deliver quality content with a fast speed of response and are enthusiastic. They completely understand the demands and challenges on editorial for our readers and consistently deliver. As a relatively new agency for the maritime and energy industries, we’re impressed with their engagement, expertise and the support provided. We enjoy working with them.”

Mike McDonald, VP Operations, gCaptain

“Jason is my go-to source for any and all relevant content for North American Clean Energy. His command of industry information is unparalleled, and his writing is truly brilliant. Always a relief to see an email from him because he never fails to make my job easier. He far outshines anyone else in this business.””

Meg Lugaric, Editor, North American Clean Energy

“I have known and worked with Jason for about 13 years with his work at Lloyd’s Register, TotalEnergies and its subsidiaries, ABS, among others. He has been among the best PR companies I deal with in terms of spotting editorial value in a story rather than sending endless ‘pitches’ as other PR companies do without considering their relevance to our readers. Spotting a story which works for both a client and a journalist is extremely difficult and becoming much harder to do as readers’ standards is getting much more difficult to fulfil for everyone working in media, communications and journalism. I would recommend him to any client who wants to actually get their stories read by their target audience.”

Karl Jeffrey, Editor, Digital Energy Journal / Tanker Operator / Digital Ship

“Jason has collaborated with us for a number of years, highlighting the work of his energy sector clients such as TotalEnergies Marine Fuels, ABS and Lubmarine, through news, comment and editorial content. He regularly liaises with his clients regarding our feature topics through the year, and has been helpful and quick to provide feedback.”

Kim Jackson, Executive Editor, New Energy World

“I have collaborated with Knights Media & Public Relations since its inception, primarily in relation to its TotalEnergies account. Jason and his team provide an excellent, professional, proactive and supportive PR offering. They build and sustain constructive and productive working relationships between their clients and journalists. While they will always suggest good opportunities for engagement with a client, on an editorial basis or related to participation at industry events, they are also very receptive to ideas and requests from the media and work hard to facilitate these wherever possible. One of their key strengths is that they always go the extra mile to keep the channels of communication open between a client and a journalist which, from my point of view, makes for interesting, topical and meaningful copy.”

Lesley Bankes-Hughes, Director, Petrospot Limited, Editor at Bunkerspot and

“Jason and I began working together in 2016 when he was still representing Lloyd’s Register global communications, and our working relationship has carried over into his new role as founder of Knights Media and Public Relations – an accomplishment I was excited to see for him. For years he has exhibited great professionalism, punctuality with deadlines and always offers valuable story ideas for our publications. I would recommend him.”

Ariana Hurtado, Editor and Director of Special Reports, Offshore Magazine

“It’s been great working with you on a recent assignment. I appreciate it! You were the reason for the substantive and focused replies from a client’s in-house subject matter experts, that you set a demand for replies with meaningful content, not just easy answers. Nice work. I don’t get that kind of assistance very often so your approach really helped me out.”

Tom Ewing, freelance writer specializing in energy and environmental issues

“I have known Jason for many years during his time at Lloyd’s Register. Jason helped provide input from their experts on a number of oil and gas and energy-related stories I worked on. He has always been highly professional, responds promptly and is helpful. He has a good knowledge of the energy sector and the media landscape surrounding it. Jason would be a great asset to any organisation.”

Rob Watts, Reporter at Upstream

“Excellent, experienced operator who I had good engagement with as a journalist.”

Andrew Ward, Director of Media Relations & Public Affairs, Manchester United (formerly Energy Editor, Financial Times)

“Jason is a professional and diligent PR executive.”

Eric NG, Senior Business Reporter, Energy at South China Morning Post

“Jason has liaised for Recharge on numerous collaborations with Lloyd’s Register in recent years – OpEd columns, Thought Leaders roundtable panellists etc – as well as on interview requests and editorial queries. Always quick on pick-up and efficient in shepherding.”

Darius Snieckus, Editor-in-Chief, Recharge

“I have worked with Jason for several years. He was a great resource in coming up with article ideas for The Energy Industry Times and was always very efficient and professional in following through to ensure the articles were delivered on time and to brief. I would highly recommend him.”

Junior Isles, Editor-in-chief, The Energy Industry Times