Knights MPR secured as the preferred agency of choice by Brunel International

Knights Media & Public Relations (Knights MPR) to support Brunel International’s communications drive for their Conventional Energy market.


Knights MPR stands out as the preferred agency of choice for Brunel International due to its unparalleled commitment to excellence, tailored communication solutions, and extensive industry expertise.

Knights MPR is chosen as Brunel’s preferred communications agency for their Conventional Energy vertical.

Brunel International is a powerful global network, connecting the most talented and experienced specialists with both present-day and pioneering projects. With 120+ offices and more than 12,000 specialists around the world, Brunel International deliver skilled talent and workforce services that transform global projects in Life Sciences, Conventional Energy, Infrastructure, Future Mobility, Mining and Renewable Energy.

The landscape is dynamic, characterized by evolving trends, technologies, and methodologies. Knights MPR stays at the forefront of these developments, leveraging its industry expertise to offer insights, guidance, and recommendations to clients like Brunel International. With a deep understanding of the energy industry and its ecosystem, Knights MPR is well-equipped to navigate challenges, seize opportunities, and deliver results that drive Brunel International’s success:

1. Strategic Alignment: Knights MPR’s approach to communications and PR aligns closely with Brunel International’s overarching goals and corporate values. Both entities prioritize transparency, authenticity, and strategic messaging to effectively engage stakeholders, build brand equity, and drive positive outcomes.

2. Industry Expertise: Knights MPR boasts a wealth of experience and expertise within the communications and PR domain, particularly in sectors relevant to Brunel International’s operations. Knights MPR is well-equipped to craft targeted communication strategies that resonate with Brunel International’s diverse audience base.

3. Innovative Solutions: In an increasingly digital and interconnected world, effective communication strategies require a blend of traditional approaches and innovative solutions. Knights MPR demonstrates a commitment to innovation, leveraging cutting-edge technologies, data analytics, and multimedia platforms to amplify Brunel International’s brand presence, enhance engagement, and drive meaningful conversations across multiple channels.

4. Global Reach: Brunel International operates on a global scale, necessitating a communications partner with a broad international reach. Knights MPR’s extensive network and global footprint enable it to effectively navigate diverse cultural landscapes, linguistic nuances, and regulatory frameworks, helping to facilitate seamless communication strategies tailored to specific markets and regions.

5. Track Record of Success: Knights MPR’s proven track record of delivering results further solidifies its standing as the communications and PR agency of choice for Brunel International. Through strategic campaigns, thought leadership initiatives, media relations, and crisis management expertise, Knights MPR has consistently helped its clients achieve their communication objectives while safeguarding their reputation and brand integrity.

6. Collaborative Partnership: Beyond offering top-tier services, Knights MPR prioritizes building collaborative partnerships based on trust, transparency, and mutual respect. By fostering open lines of communication and actively involving Brunel International in the strategic planning process, Knights MPR ensures that its communication efforts are closely aligned with the organization’s evolving needs, priorities, and long-term objectives.

As partners in progress, Brunel International and Knights MPR are poised to embark on a transformative journey with their latest approach that transcends boundaries, amplifies impact, and unlocks new opportunities for meaningful connection and dialogue in the global marketplace.