Lubmarine reveals digital services for vessels

Marine engines are the most valuable assets of any vessel. With new regulations, engine designs and a wide variety of fuels, lubrication and maintenance of these engines is becoming ever more complex and challenging.

The digital services from Lubmarine offer onboard vessel equipment and engine performance insights, engineer support, as well as a dedicated portal to access vessel and business data. The platform is easy-to-use and provides intelligent online insights that can be used both by onshore staff and offshore crew at the same time.

The new suite of services includes:

LubPortal: offers a central resource for all stakeholders on every vessel asset to help manage and optimize vessel operations, from equipment monitoring to lube oil procurement.

LubInsight: helps vessel owners and operators to improve the way they manage their equipment and engine lubrication with on-board equipment.

LubDiag: offers a range of in-depth assessments on lubricant condition and how your equipment and engine is performing with laboratory analysis.

LubSkills: offers a range of support services and technical expert insights from engine inspection and issue investigation, through to bespoke training for better lubrication and equipment knowledge-share.

Arnaud Guichard, General Manager at Lubmarine, a division of TotalEnergies Lubrifiants, says: “We recognize the importance of data and we have engineered a range of digital solutions on the basis that companies need to streamline daily operations so vessel operators can focus on what matters most at sea; delivering cargo safely, efficiently and on time.”

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