Manufacturing, Industrials & Electronics

Shaping industry perceptions in manufacturing, industrials and electronics.

Our experts help to engineer solutions that guide our clients as they make their way through the global energy transition to a cleaner, more sustainable and innovative future.

From the latest developments in manufacturing, industrials and electronics, we understand that the decarbonization journey is a revolution that touches every inch of the sector and its supply chain – and with every customer.

There is no single transition story: it plays out in different ways for different businesses, different people and for every community. For some quality control is front of mind, for some it is decreasing CO2 from manufacturing processes, while for others it is the impact of digitalization, precision manufacturing, the role of 3D Printing, productivity, robotics and also automation or precision manufacturing – but it is always transformative, and its rapid.

Combine this with innovation in production line techniques and the emerging high-precision and replication technologies of the future, smart production lines, supporting environmental protection and the Industry 4.0 factory of tomorrow, and it is clear to see that the evolution at play is complex but an exciting journey that will transform how every part of the manufacturing community operates, worldwide.

A transformative sector needs a more informed approach to communications and media relations. This is where Knights MPR can help. Our experts will tell your story to industry, to customers and to the end users. We are one of the most specialised and connected PR and communication teams in manufacturing and across the industrials and electronics sector.

We support companies of all sizes across the supply chain. You will find our communication specialists close to hand, worldwide, as we partner with you to tell your story – shaping your company’s perceptions with integrity and influence.

As a trusted partner and strategic advisor to all our clients, we keep up with the latest industry trends and continuously nurture our relationships with key manufacturing, electronics and engineering reporters and influencers. But that’s only a portion of our work. Whether our engagement is focused on lead acquisition for a product or service, or a sector-wide public relations campaign, we work to get the important decision makers, such as customers, consumers, policymakers, intermediaries and B2B leaders, to engage and take action.