Launching an all-new alliance in security analytics.



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About This Project

Launching an all-new alliance in security analytics.

This campaign was created and led to support the launch of a new cybersecurity alliance offering to help combat increasing global attacks on operational technology (OT) networks.

We worked with ABSG Consulting Inc. (ABS Consulting), a leading global operational risk management company, to strengthen their managed services offering for (OT) alongside a new service partner, Obrela Security Industries (Obrela), an established provider of security analytics and cyber risk management, to deliver unparalleled awareness around the increasing complexities of cybersecurity for industrial operations.

The campaign highlighted how the alliance combines ABS Consulting’s deep domain expertise in OT cyber with Obrela’s IT cybersecurity experience in a managed services package to offer improved visibility and control over increasing industrial cyber risks. Establishing capabilities to monitor and manage both IT and industrial cyber systems will help industrial sectors address the increasingly complex threats hackers are imposing on vulnerable control systems worldwide.