Creating a forum for discussion across the shipping industry



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Creating a forum for discussion across the shipping industry.

Collaboration and bringing minds together in a forum is key to the success of business today.

It is why we proposed and developed the LNG Forum so that the global shipping audience could discuss the latest industry insights.

Delegates heard the latest insights powering the global LNG market and the challenges and opportunities the shipping industry is likely to face as it heads towards decarbonization.

The event – which is available for download at: – brought together industry experts from across the marine fuels, engine manufacturing, vessel chartering and operating, lubrication and certification sectors, including WinGD, Total Marine Fuels Global Solutions, Bureau Veritas, AET Tankers and Total Lubmarine.

Speakers highlighted the key role LNG has to play in supporting the shipping industry’s IMO targets, and collectively agreed that with less than 10 years to achieve the International Maritime Organization (IMO)’s 2030 goal of reducing carbon emissions by at least 40%, the shipping industry has to make a difference now, requiring collaboration and cooperation across all sectors of the industry.

Key discussions at the Forum looked at how:

• LNG is the best, immediately available solution today to help reduce shipping industry emissions

• Taking a wait and see approach is not a strategy. If the IMO targets are to be met, the shipping industry needs to act now and LNG is part of the solution

• LNG delivers an immediate benefit to the environment, providing the pathway for the development of future marine fuels including Biomethane and Ammonia

• The issue of methane slip emissions measurement and control needs to be looked holistically

With over 500 delegates signing up for the forum, the event was an incredible success. Perhaps the strongest message from across the panel was that if the IMO targets are to be met, there is no ‘either LNG or alternative fuels scenario’. The benefits of LNG must be grasped today.

Visit this link to download the key speaker presentation, panel discussion and Q+A session.