Taking action to reduce plastic pollution at sea



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About This Project

Creating a forum for discussion across the shipping industry. Taking action to reduce plastic pollution at sea: we developed the announcement and campaign for Lubmarine to support Plastic Odyssey to accelerate the plastic transition for a cleaner future.

We helped Lubmarine join Plastic Odyssey on a clean-up mission to combat plastic pollution that will see the vessel and its crew sail across 3 continents and reach 30 cities.

Our work involved the creation of an announcement and the development of an online campaign to launch the beginning of this new association. Plastic Odyssey represents a veritable “flagship” of ocean protection, and acts as a catalyst in the fight against plastic pollution.

Research identified by Plastic Odyssey indicates only 1% of plastic waste floats at sea, while the rest sinks or degrades itself into micro-particles, which is impossible to recover. Plastic Odyssey has developed low-tech and open source technologies that help to restore the value of plastic waste.

Following 18 months of vessel updates and refits, including three months of dry-docking in the port of Dunkirk, the vessel was launched officially on 9 March 2021. The initiative led by Merchant Marine officers will see the research vessel also promote plastic recycling technologies.

Lubmarine will supply lubricants to support the operation of Plastic Odyssey, including its main engines and operating equipment. The agreement extends to dedicated technical services and support.