We were delighted to create a campaign for Lubmarine’s Talusia Universal lubricant



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We were delighted to create a campaign for Lubmarine’s Talusia Universal lubricant.

Developing the campaign which included digital advertising, social media activity, infographic series, media engagement, a white paper, case study and customer communications , we successfully supported an approach on how this latest lubricant chemistry delivered efficiencies in engine performance to meet with today’s IMO operating parameters and new fuel choices. The campaign was created in collaboration with leading international marine insurer, The Swedish Club.

Talusia Universal single oil solution makes the onboard operation, supply and management of lubricant easier as vessel operators and on-board engineers no longer need to match different BN lubricants to different fuel types, avoiding complex BN management and CLO switching.

We also created a series of masthead statements to drive traffic to a dedicated web page

Throughout the campaign we reinforced key benefits for the ship operator in the use of Talusia Universal, including:

1) Proven Performance

As a highly proven single oil solution, Talusia Universal’s performance has been rigorously tested across different fuel types with both WIN GD and MAN ES engines. The TU White Paper reveals the test results of 5 key case studies comprising many thousands of hours of successful sea trials.

2) Not Just About BN

At Lubmarine, the team are wholly convinced that a BN-centric approach is not the most effective way to lubricate and protect engines.

Whilst this may challenge conventional thinking in some areas of the shipping industry, we have undertaken significant research and investment to test and prove this point, both in the lab, at sea through millions of hours testing and through the approval of OEM’s.

3) Importance of Engine Cleanliness

Using the right lubricant in the right amount to deliver optimum performance and effective engine cleanliness is just one piece in the puzzle.

The challenge requires an understanding of the multiple operating parameters of the engine, combined with smart engine monitoring, drain oil analysis and interpretation – something that can only be achieved with the support of a lubricant specialist.

4) Optimizing The Engine Lubrication Feed Rate

Getting the right balance of lubricant feed rate whilst achieving optimum performance is the goal operators ultimately seek to achieve with multiple benefits available for the vessel operators that do. Yet all too many still suffer from the problems associated with under or over lubrication.

5) Dual Fuel and the Future

LNG is the cleanest marine fuel solution available at scale today and will be the bridge to lower carbon fuels for at least 2 generations of operational vessels, covering the next two decades.

And, with this significant growth in the market comes the need for a premium cylinder oil to ensure that operators are helping protect the most valuable as- sets on board – the engines.

We are delighted to have generated the content for this campaign including Lubmarine’s downloadable White Paper – Adapting to Life in the Post IMO2020 Landscape – which highlights how effective and proven Talusia Universal is for today’s LNG and Dual Fuel ship engines.