Supporting world leaders of specialist lift and chain hoists

Driving awareness of game changing engineered products designed and manufactured by William Hackett for use in onshore, offshore and subsea lift projects.

Since Q4/2019, we have worked alongside the team at William Hackett – world-leaders and original pioneers of offshore lifting hoists and chains – to raise awareness of their new generation of lever hoists.

From event launches through to stakeholder and research insights on Hydrogen Embrittlement, press announcements, content generation and campaign management, we are helping the company to raise awareness of how their products successfully achieve the highest levels of safety and performance using their innovative ‘quad-pawl’ (QP) technology – a world first in design excellence and providing operators of onshore and offshore projects with total confidence and reassurance in their lift projects.

Their patented QP mechanism synchronises a set of four pawls which constantly work together to minimise the time and distance travelled to the next point of engagement. It overcomes jamming and unintended malfunctions that can be experienced when using other simpler first generation products. This helps to minimise project downtime or costly delays to work scopes, providing peace of mind for operators and energy and marine contractors.

Customer controlled field trials reveal William Hackett’s SSL5 hoists were immersed 12 times over a 60-day period. It successfully past a rigorous multi-immersion test, inspection and operation programme witnessed and verified by DNV GL.

Working with the William Hackett team aligns with our own belief that safety onshore and offshore particularly where lifting projects are needed, is a safety-critical activity; and that safe and continual performance of lifting equipment crucially depends on minimising risk through improved resilience to failure.

We are delighted to be the front of mind choice for William Hackett for their communication and media engagement activities.