Supporting leading Finnish wave energy technology developer

Supporting the world-leading Finnish wave energy technology developer.

We are delighted to be working with AW-Energy since Q3/2019 to create awareness across the full communications mix on the first-of-a-kind commercially-ready offshore wave power generation device called WaveRoller®.

From creating and managing the media engagement on the deployment of this market-leading device off the coast of Portugal at Peniche, to the creation of blogs, thought-leadership articles and the management of the companies social media channels, we are proud to be associated with the Finnish team. Recently we have led mini campaigns to lobby the industry on the role of the EU’s energy taxonomy debate and also helped to facilitate the company’s move in to the hydrogen sector.

Extended sea trials are being used to fine-tune the WaveRoller®’s control system to maximise its performance and yield. Engineers are also monitoring the device’s performance using the company’s next generation monitoring app which can be used to remotely access the device by any of the engineers from anywhere in the world and at any time, to help assess and manage the performance of WaveRoller®.

The launch of WaveRoller® in Peniche is an important step forward in AW-Energy’s mission to test the end-to-end commercial and technical capabilities of its latest wave energy device. The device is producing renewable, stable and predictable electricity from ocean waves. It is absorbing up to 3MW from individual waves and is rated to produce a minimum of 350 kW continuous output.

It demonstrates AW-Energy’s long-term commitment to invest in wave energy technology that provides electricity out-of-phase with local wind conditions and solar that needs the sun. And we are delighted to be supporting the company and its teams on their journey.