WD Editorial supports Knights MPR with writing services

WD Editorial supports Knights MPR with writing and consultancy services.

Knights MPR has been working with Tom Wadlow and Jonathan Dyble of WD Editorial from early 2021 – a freelance writing and content consultancy to help support us on an increasing number of energy, shipping, manufacturing and technology related editorial and content deliverables.

Tom’s experience extends over several years in creating, writing and publishing business and trade magazines. A fully NCTJ-qualified and experienced journalist, Tom has trained at the Press Association before moving on to edit numerous B2B trade publications in various roles, and at award-winning contract publisher Archant Dialogue.

Jonathan is a freelance writer and content consultant providing a wide range of editorial and content support. Jonathan has worked with Tom over a number of years in multi-industry roles, including three years spent working together publishing business magazines. Jonathan has several years of experience in the B2B media world, producing and editing content across a range of industries. This includes a proven track record in planning and executing lead generation, email and inbound marketing campaigns.

We are really enjoying the collaboration with Tom and Jonathan, and continue to work together on different projects.