Cyber Essentials certification recognises Knights MPR’s commitment to cybersecurity excellence



In an era where digital threats continue to evolve, safeguarding our information and systems is paramount. We are excited to share a momentous stride in our commitment to cybersecurity excellence with the award in January 2024 of the Certificate of Assurance for Cyber Essentials – a UK Government and Crown recognised award.

It is a UK Government scheme which focuses on the five technical controls designed to guard against the most common internet based cyber security threats. Cyber Essentials is now widely recognised as a robust level of cyber security for organisations of all sizes.

The award is provided by IASME (the National Cyber Security Centre’s sole Cyber Essentials Partner) and CyberLab (the Certification Body).

“This certification marks a pivotal step in fortifying our defences and ensuring that we meet the highest standards of cybersecurity,” says Jason Knights, Founder and CEO of Knights MPR.

IASME work alongside a network of 300 expert organisations across the UK and Crown Dependencies to help advise and certify organisations of all sizes in both cyber security and counter fraud. IASME is committed to helping businesses improve their cyber security, risk management and good governance through an effective and accessible range of certifications.

The Cyber Essentials framework serves as the cornerstone for Knights MPR’s certification. This robust program empowers organizations to implement essential cybersecurity practices, creating a resilient defence against a wide range of cyber threats.

“By achieving this certification, we demonstrate our dedication to cybersecurity best practices and our ongoing efforts to protect sensitive data, maintain customer trust, and uphold the integrity of our operations,” highlights Knights.

The Certificate of Assurance for Cyber Essentials signifies Knights MPR has undergone a thorough assessment of its cybersecurity measures, covering key areas such as network security, access controls, malware protection, and patch management. This certification not only validates the agency’s current cybersecurity posture, but also reflects the business’s commitment to continuous improvement in the face of ever-evolving cyber threats.

Knights highlights: “Our team has worked diligently to meet the stringent requirements outlined in the Cyber Essentials framework, ensuring that our systems are resilient against common cyberattacks. This achievement is a testament to the dedication of our cybersecurity providers and IS/IT partners, and the importance we place on securing the digital landscape for both our internal operations and our valued customers.”

“As we proudly display our Certificate of Assurance for Cyber Essentials, we aim to maintain the highest standards of data integrity. This certification not only sets us apart from other agencies in the industry, but also provides our clients and stakeholders with the confidence that we are proactively addressing the challenges of the digital age.”

The Cyber Essentials Certification of Assurance means Knights MPR [GB] Limited is backed up by a dedicated insurance policy for cyber protection governed by the American International Group UK Limited (AIG) Master Policy 38181000.